MDP / Caltrans Meeting Update

To facilitate community access to our Meeting with Caltrans on Thursday June 13, pilot car escorts on SR-74 will begin at 4PM on this day only.

Also for those unable to attend in person, the meeting will be available for live viewing on the MDP Facebook page starting at 6pm. The Video will be posted on the MDP website later in the week

Updates on SCE helicopters

Message from liaison of SCE:

You may have noticed or will notice additional SCE crews doing inspections, infrastructure improvement work and vegetation management in your community the past few months.

In addition to this work, SCE will be conducting aerial inspections of its electrical equipment in your community over the next few weeks. The aerial inspections of SCE’s distribution facilities will involve the use of helicopter and/or drones and will only take place during daylight hours.

We are doing this in all high fire risk areas—approximately 35 percent of our service area. We understand our activities may be disruptive when we do this important safety work and will do everything we can to minimize the impact to you and your community.

We appreciate your support and cooperation, as this is part of our ongoing commitment to safety and supporting California’s fight against wildfires.

For additional information about how SCE is addressing the threat of wildfires, please visit