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The form below is used to subscribe to automatic alerts from Idyllwild Emergency.

This is a public service offered, free of charge, by Mountain Disaster Preparedness located in Idyllwild, California. Each time we send out an alert, you will automatically receive the alert via email. The alert will also be posted on, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

While MDP will attempt to keep subscribers in the know at all times, there may be periods of time when, as volunteers, we will be unable to man the post.

Email Alert Preferences  Check only one or you will receive the same alert twice
“Emergency plus Road Conditions”: includes all emergencies and road conditions, and can result in numerous posts.
Emergency” will result in fewer email or text messages and will be used for disasters, major weather alerts and other urgent events only (no road information).

NOTE: If you are already a subscriber, and would like to change your options, please specify either “Emergency” or “Emergency plus Road Conditions” in the subject line on the form:

Text to Cell Phone Alerts: Emergency plus Road Conditions only”

Note: charges may apply. We are still working on fixing issues with some cell phone delivery/carriers. To subscribe to cell phone alerts, click here.