Road alerts: Major update

The Idyllwild Emergency team will continue to do its best to keep you informed of fires, major road work/closure, chain requirements, and other events which may be an issue for the Hill communities.

As far as the roads are concerned, since CalTrans has been sharing its alerts with WAZE, we have been monitoring WAZE and have found it to be reliable enough to be accessed directly via your smartphones.

1. Install WAZE on your smartphone:
– Look for the WAZE app: WAZE Navigation and Live Traffic
– Download and open it
– Allow Waze to access your location while you use the app? Tap “Allow”
– Tap on “Get Started”
– User agreement: read and go to the bottom and tap “Accept”
– Waze would like to send you notifications: tap on either – you can change the settings later
– WAZE shows you where you are right now (You may need to change the phone settings so your location is automatically detected)

2. Before you leave, check if the roads are clear – on smartphone as an app or on any computer
– Go to this is the CalTrans road status website, the only CalTrans website updated by local employees (CalTrans says that the other websites are updated from Sacramento so are usually far behind actual events)
– Make the map cover the road you will be taking (on a smartphone or tablet always use two fingers to enlarge or reduce the map)
– Note any events/alert and, as previously, adjust your chosen route and/or time of departure accordingly

– In the Search box, enter your destination
– At the bottom of the screen, tap “Go”
– Tap “Go now”
– Place your phone in a safe location in your car
– Make sure you can hear the alerts (by default, the sound alerts is on)
– Remember that there will be many areas where the cell signal is lost (as it was with our own alerts)
– Be safe!

If you have difficulty with your smartphone, do let us know, we will look into organizing “help sessions.”