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WNKI 9:00 AM update

Information received from SCE: power has been restored at several locations within our community
Further improvement is expected based on the ability to continue bringing the grids back up

No information about repopulation of affected area
If any information is received WNKI will broadcast the update [and will let FF know so she can pass the information to you.]

Cranston fire: current size 12300 acres, 16% containment

Ribbonwood fire 200 acres, 45% containment
No know traffic restriction within Ribbonwood fire area

Mandatory evacuation still in place:
Pine Cove, Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Mountain Center, Apple canyon, Lake Hemet, Hurkey creek, Mt SJ state park, Sherman Girl Scout camp
Recently added area now includes Garner Valley

Evacuation warning has been issued for the Paradise Corner area at Hwy 74 and 371
Evacuation route for Pine Cove, Idyllwild, Fern Valley is Hwy 243 towards Banning

Evacuation centers:
– Banning HS, 100 West Westward Ave
– Hamilton HS at 57430 Mitchell Rd, Anza

Updated road closures are as follows:
– Hwy 74 from Hemet to Hwy 371 at Paradise Corner
– Hwy 243 from Banning to MC/Hwy 74

Recreational closures include vast majority on local hiking trails on state and federal lands and surrounded campground

Animal shelter information call 951-358-7329

Dictated by Roland Gaebert to FF